Go Heavy With MHI

Providing Peace of
Mind to Building Owners

We understand the complex demands that owners and occupiers of buildings face.
There is pressure to ensure individual buildings and entire estates are provided with reliable, comfortable, energy efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

We regularly partner across a variety of market sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Education,
Commercial Offices, Healthcare and Residential. The MHI range of air-conditioning and heat pump
systems combines high-quality with proven reliability, technical proficiency, is readily available across the
UK and is highly efficient.


Warranty is held with the F-Gas registered purchasing contractor and is subject to installation & commissioning by a suitable qualified and certificated engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All products must be under a comprehensive service management agreement for the entire warranty period with the purchasing contractor. The warranty provision is non-transferable.

If you are the end user, please contact your installing contractor. We are a B2B business and are unable to discuss warranty query’s direct with you.

GO HEAVY and discuss your next project
with our MHI Specifications team.


Providing Peace of Mind
to Building Owners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) manufacture a comprehensive range of air conditioning and heating solutions including split systems, multi-split systems,
VRF and air to water heat pumps.

MHI have been producing reliable, innovative, energy efficient solutions for over 90 years, all designed to meet today’s environmentally demanding climate.