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GO HEAVY ONLINE this summer for a £200 Amazon e-Voucher!

Abigail Swift

GO HEAVY ONLINE this summer for a £200 Amazon e-Voucher!

Following on from the success of our recent PAC promotion, it’s the turn of RAC systems to help you (hopefully) celebrate the start of the summer

To get your hands on a £200 Amazon e-voucher; purchase 3 x RAC MHI Split Systems in one transaction ONLINE* (minimum order value £2000/€2500) for delivery or collection in one shipment.

What are you waiting for?

There are no claim forms to fill in, you simply order the qualifying products online and you will receive your £200 Amazon e-Voucher direct to your inbox!


Full terms & conditions below:

  • A £200 Amazon e-Voucher will be provided for the purchase of 3 x RAC MHI Split systems or 1 x MHI Multi split system.  subject to the following conditions.
  • The minimum order value must be £2000/€2500 (exclusive of VAT and after applying an additional 2% discount via the Dean &Wood/ RW Refrigeration /HRP /DWG website).
  • The systems must be ordered and delivered between 20th May 2024 – 30th June 2024.
  • Each split system comprises 1 x Outdoor unit (list below), indoor fan coil(s) and associated controller(s). Please not some exclusions apply.  (Refer to the full list of qualifying products with respective RAC material codes).
  • Offer is subject to availability.
  • All purchases must be made in one transaction via one of the Beijer Ref UK and Ireland websites


  • This offer is applicable to all Beijer Ref UK and Ireland customers. Purchasing contractors must possess a valid F-gas certificate.
  • The offer is not valid to any re-sellers of HVAC equipment.
  • Claims will be processed weekly basis and sent to the email address registered to the online account used for login.
  • In the event of any qualifying purchases being returned, a debit will be applied to the purchasing customers account equivalent to the value of the voucher issued.
  • Multiple vouchers can be claimed, provided the equipment is shipped within the specified timescales.
  • All standard terms and conditions of sale apply.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  • Customers based in ROI – E-Voucher will be issued in GBP, once you redeem the e-voucher the value will remain in GBP and you will be able to purchase items via with delivery in ROI.
  • For any technical issues relating to orders placed via the websites please contact
  • Qualifying units included in the promotion are:


Material Description
626070 SRK20ZS-WF
626074 SRK20ZS-WFT
626078 SRK20ZS-WFB
626016 SRC20ZS-W
626071 SRK25ZS-WF
626075 SRK25ZS-WFT
626079 SRK25ZS-WFB
626042 SRC25-ZS-W2
626072 SRK35ZS-WF
626076 SRK35ZS-WFT
626080 SRK35ZS-WFB
626043 SRC35ZS-W2
626073 SRK50ZS-WF
626077 SRK50ZS-WFT
626081 SRK50ZS-WFB
626019 SRC50ZS-W
626087 SRK63ZR-WF
626027 SRC63ZR-W
626088 SRK71ZR-WF
626029 SRC71ZR-W
626089 SRK80ZR-WF
626031 SRC80ZR-W
626090 SRK100ZR-WF
626200 SRK15ZTL-W
626201 SRC15ZTL-W
626202 SRK20ZTL-W
626203 SRC20ZTL-W
626204 SRK25ZTL-W
626205 SRC25ZTL-W
626206 SRK35ZTL-W
626207 SRC35ZTL-W
626208 SRK50ZTL-W
626209 SRC50ZTL-W
626045 SRK63ZTL-W
626046 SRC63ZTL-W
626047 SRK71ZTL-W
626048 SRC71ZTL-W
626082 SRK20ZSX-WF
626100 SRK20ZSX-WFB
626101 SRK20ZSX-WFT
625955 SRC20ZSX-W
626083 SRK25ZSX-WF
626102 SRK25ZSX-WFB
626103 SRK25ZSX-WFT
625960 SRC25ZSX-W
626084 SRK35ZSX-WF
626104 SRK35ZSX-WFB
626105 SRK35ZSX-WFT
625965 SRC35ZSX-W
626085 SRK50ZSX-WF
626106 SRK50ZSX-WFB
626107 SRK50ZSX-WFT
625973 SRC50ZSX-W2
626086 SRK60ZSX-WF
626108 SRK60ZSX-WFB
626109 SRK60ZSX-WFT
625746 SRF25ZS-W
625756 SRF35ZS-W
625766 SRF50ZSX-W
625333 SRR25ZS-W
625340 SRR35ZS-W
628702 SCM30ZS-W
628706 SCM40ZS-W
628703 SCM41ZS-W
628705 SCM45ZS-W
628707 SCM50ZS-W
628708 SCM60ZS-W
625244 SCM80ZS-W
625246 SCM100ZS-W
625259 SCM125ZMS
625207 SKM25ZSP-W
625210 SKM35ZSP-W
626069 SRK15ZS-WF
626068 SRK15ZS-WFT
626091 SRK15ZS-WFB