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Based throughout the UK the MHI Projects team are specifically tasked to provide a combination of field-based sales support, design support and application assistance.

Whether face to face meetings or via video conferencing our Projects team fully understand the commercial world we live in whilst being mindful of the environmental challenges you confront on a project by project basis. 

Whilst our MHI Direct team are office-based, the MHI Projects team are experienced in larger projects and have the experience to add value when you are considering tenders or ground-up projects. Being field based they are well placed to provide direct assistance when face to face meetings are more effective.


Providing commercial project solutions…

The MHI Projects team offers unique access to a team that has a broad understanding of the trades needs whilst being professional in the sectors that matter. Product knowledge is of course key, not only for the technical aspects of how the product works and is installed, but how it can be applied to match a variety of project needs.

We make sure that our team understands every aspect of our product offering and how it can be applied. The correct application of a system needs to consider a combination of factors. For example, the needs of the end user, how to comply with legislative requirements, a knowledge of environmental solutions whilst, at the same time, having an eye for a commercially acceptable solution.

Services offered by the Projects team include:

  • Initial site survey support,
  • Equipment selection,
  • Technical design advice
  • VRF schematics
  • Field Sales or Virtual Meetings
  • Product training

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Technical Support

Support you can count on

Providing a dedicated sales support team is only part of the overall solution we offer. Technical support is just as important and we have a team of engineers that are on hand to assist at any stage from the initial design through to post installation support.

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