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MHI Specifications

The MHI Specifications team focus on providing outstanding field-based guidance, education and support to property owners, building services consultants and construction advisors throughout the UK. Their breadth of knowledge covers the application, benefits and return on investment for air-conditioning systems and water heating systems.

CPD training is also offered by the team which can be delivered in person or using one of the many web-based conferencing systems.

This is linked to a competitive product that combines high-quality with proven reliability, technical proficiency, is readily available across the UK and is highly efficient.

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To speak to a member of the MHI Specifications team please
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The future of heating

Q-ton water
heating system

Unlike other heat pump air-water systems Q-ton generates hot water at up to 90oc across the year. Thanks to its use of CO2 as a refrigerant this unique air to water heat pump is capable of generating what most heat pumps can’t, hot water above 65oc, consistently, even when ambient temperatures drop to -25oc.