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The design of VRF systems is simplified by the use of MHI’s e-solution software. This software enables the user to select the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution of indoor/outdoor units, pipework and controls.

E-Solution includes full details of the latest KXZ2 VRF series. The software is updated on a regular basis to ensure pipe lengths and other aspects of design are in line with product development. Registering online will make sure ‘Engineers’ are automatically sent updates as they become available.

For the design of heat pump and heat recovery systems E-Solution selects the appropriate model’s sizes and produces a full list of associated materials. It can also generate wiring diagrams and engineering drawings that can be exported to AutoCAD or saved in PDF format.

E-Solution provides the option to download or hard copy print the selected design information, comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals for user presentation purposes.

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Online support software


This App allows the user to quickly identify the meaning of error codes whilst on site. It also helps you calculate additional refrigerant charge based on ‘as installed’ pipe lengths.

In addition the ability to look up error codes quickly helps efficient diagnosis of problems. It also provides you with an explanation in just a few clicks.

Fault code details are available for the entire range of MHI including RAC, PAC, VRF, Q-ton and Hydrolution.

For our PAC and RAC systems, you can now calculate the charge level required by using the App removing the need for drawn-out manual calculations.

Click to download the MHI e-Solutions app.

Online support software

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Building Information Modelling technology helps project teams to collaborate on a virtual model of a building or infrastructure.

We have provided high-quality Building Information Modelling (BIM) models using Revit® technology for our VRF, RAC and PAC products to support all of our customers. The following benefits can be achieved using these images.

  • Better design visualisation
  • BIM reduces conflicts & changes during construction
  • Increases overall accuracy of project documentation
  • Improves cost estimating
  • Improves energy analysis
  • Simplifies reporting and scheduling