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Residential Split Systems

Our range of RAC single split systems come in a variety of configurations ranging from 2kW to 10kW. Available with the following indoor units:

– Wall Mounted Systems
– Ceiling Cassette Systems
– Floor Standing Systems
– Slim Ducted Systems

Wall Mounted Systems

  • Premium range

    Featuring the latest inverter technology, the Premium range is available in 3 colours, pure white, titanium and black & white. Models range from 2kW – 5kW with pipe runs of up to 25m. Specifically designed to be used in the light commercial and domestic market it’s a favourite for bedrooms because of the built in anti-allergen filters which removes pollen and bacteria from the air. The premium range comes delivered with an infra-red controller, with an option to connect these units to MHI’s hard wired touch screen controller or a Wi-Fi adapter.

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  • Diamond range

    The Diamond range is MHI’s top specification of wall mounted split systems. Offering the highest levels of efficiency and state of the art inverter motors for maximum performance and energy saving. The Diamond range is available in 3 colours, pure white, titanium and black & white. Models range from 2kW to 6kW and have extended pipe runs of up to 30m.

    The units also feature a double louvred design for improved airflow with the 10kW system capable of a 20m air throw. The Diamond range also includes a built-in motion sensor which improves the comfort level of the occupant and also saves on energy. As with our premium range, these units are also compatible with our multi-split outdoor units.

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  • Hyper Inverter Diamond range

    The Hyper Inverter Diamond Series model is an extension of MHI’s Diamond Range and is available from 2-6kW and 10kW. The 10kW unit is also available in 3 phase. The Hyper Inverter Diamond Range is specifically designed for commercial applications and is ideal for comms rooms. When combined with our standard RCEX3A touch screen controller it rotates system operation, to ensure even running hours, and provides built in standby in the event of a failure. Available out of the box for up to 2 systems.

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Ceiling cassette systems

  • Compact Cassette

    The FDTC cassette is perfect for small offices and has a 620mm x 620mm compact design which fits into a standard ceiling grid. These systems feature an integrated drain pump capable of an 850mm lift.

    MHI’s unique draft prevention panel is also available as an option for applications for where the occupant does not wish to have cold or hot drafts of air on them.

    Motion Sensors are also available as an option with this model providing advanced energy saving features and allowing the cassette to respond to the changing cooling and heating requirements of a room

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Floor Standing Indoors

  • Floor Standing

    Often utilised in conservatories where there is limited wall space at a high level, the SRFZS-W floor standing unit offers A++ rated performance in cooling mode across the range. Its unique twin air outlets provide optimum balance of air outlet direction and improved air flow volumes.

    These systems feature a host of advanced functions with intelligent logic to make sure that, in both heating and cooling mode, the best possible comfort and performance levels are achieved.

    These units are specifically designed for the domestic market and have built in allergen filters to reduce dust and pollen build up in the home.

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Slim Ducted Indoors

  • Slim Ducted Systems

    MHI’s SRR ducted systems are perfect for high end residential applications where the home owner wants discrete and high performing air conditioning. With a compact 200mm high design the SRR ducted system can be installed above a door in a bulkhead.

    This system is available from 2.5kW to 6kW capacities.

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