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Capable of producing hot water between 60oC and 90oC, Q-ton is an ideal replacement for combined heat and power products as well as fossil fuel boilers. In addition, no harmful emissions are produced directly and Q-ton negates the operational limitations for Nitrogen Oxide levels (NOx) needed for London planning.

A 30 kW modular heat pump system, Q-ton operates with the ultra-low global warming potential refrigerant, CO2 and is certified with excellent operational efficiencies. It is capable of producing 90oC hot water, even at -25oC ambient temperatures and more importantly, suffers no loss in capacity down to -7oC. Q-ton is an ideal renewable technology for application across the commercial sector, with hospitality and multi-residential application benefiting from low operational costs, BREEAM building assessment design points and MCS feedback tariff opportunities.

With a world-first 2-stage CO2 compressor design, take advantage of MHI innovation with the original CO2 commercial air to water heat pump – Q-ton.