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Course Date: Tuesday 12th November 2024
Course Time: 09:30am – 13:00pm
Location: Online Training (Teams)
Cost: Free of charge

15 Spaces available


Module 3a – Q-ton Design & Installation (ONLINE)

This provides specifiers and Engineers an overview on this unique water heating system. Covering how to design and apply the product. This is typically a web-based training course, using the TEAMS platform, and lasts approximately 4 hours. The Module will include the following:


  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries company overview.
  • What is a heat pump?
  • Introduction to Q-ton commercial air to water heat pump.
  • Co2 as a refrigerant and the refrigeration cycle within the Q-ton system.
  • Co2 Gas cooler explanation.
  • Bivalent systems.
  • Design & applications.
  • Detailed Installation overview including wiring and piping.
  • Water conditioning requirements.
  • Overview of an operating Q-ton system.
  • Hot water tank installation.
  • Hot water cylinder sensor location and connections.
  • Installation of the Q-ton three port valve and its operation.
  • Interconnecting wiring of Q-ton systems.
  • Piping and limitations of a Q-ton system.