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The FDT cassette range features a new thinner design allowing these systems to be installed into the smallest of ceiling voids. All models have a built in condensate pump with a maximum lift of 850mm.

The FDT range is available in sizes starting from 4kW up to 14kW. All models have individual flap control on each of the 4 outlet louvers which can be programmed via the remote controller.

MHI’s unique draft prevention panel is also available as an option for applications for where the occupant does not wish to have cold or hot drafts of air on them.

Motion Sensors are also available as an option with this model providing advanced energy saving features and allowing the cassette to respond to the changing cooling and heating requirements of a room.

Key Features:

  • Latest R32 Refrigerant
  • Available with a range of outdoor units, offering high SEER’s & SCOP’s
  • Individual Louvre Control
  • Available with standard or draft prevention panel
  • Motion sensor available to improve comfort and energy performance
  • Extended pipe runs of up to 100m
  • Indoor units with branch duct and fresh air knockout
  • Available with hard wired or infrared controls
  • Available in a compact version for mounting in a single ceiling tile